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New DC movie unveils its plot

Expected for March 2, The Batman has started its promotional campaign, with several new images and some clues on its synopsis.

Batman will make a triumphant return to our screens. A few years after the grandiose Joker by Todd Phillips, this new feature film by Matt Reeves promises to give the Dark Knight the return he deserves, at a time when DC is struggling to surpass blockbuster giant Marvel on the big screen.

Expected in theaters for the March 2, 2022, The batman had until now remained very mysterious about its history. Only the presence of Robert Pattinson in the title role really seemed to take place, but things are slowly starting to take shape. The film had already started its promotional campaign by unveiling its very first images, without saying too much. It was finally through its official website that the British branch of Warner lifted the veil on its synopsis.

Dark Dark Knight

“The Batman is a nervous, action-packed thriller that depicts an early-stage Batman struggling to strike a balance between rage and righteousness as he investigates a disturbing mystery that terrorizes Gotham”, Warner warns in an official blog post. In the lead role, Robert Pattinson should also give us a big show. Relieved of his still tenacious role of scintillating vampire, the actor should thus give the spectators “A crude and intense portrayal of Batman, a disillusioned and desperate vigilante who realizes that the anger that consumes him does not make him any better than the ruthless serial killer he hunts”.

As in Joker, The batman should therefore establish itself as a feature film at the antipodes of the MCU, favoring a dark, mature and psychological proofreading from the adventures of the Dark Knight. We can already expect a more stripped-down staging than the old superhero films, with an emphasis on the tortured psyche of young Bruce Wayne rather than his Batcave teeming with gadgets.

Small budget, the recipe for success?

Other size information reported this week by the American site Deadline, we learn thatThe film’s total budget would barely reach $ 100 million. A substantial envelope, but well below the Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan in 2012 which peaked at $ 250 million. For its part, the Joker of Todd Phillips had meanwhile not exceeded $ 75 million. Proof that money does not bode well for a film’s success, since the feature film released in 2019 won no less than 11 Oscars.

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