new designer bulbs and a light strip for players

For the start of the school year, the Philips Hue range is firing on all cylinders. The manufacturer Signify multiplies the new references in a catalog that continues to move away from simple connected bulbs to integrate better into everyday life.

Gone are the days when there were only a handful of references in the Philips Hue catalog, and only very simple (but connected) bulbs. The selection has been greatly enriched with products of all sizes and formats. And on the occasion of the IFA, Signify is launching new models!

Bulbs in the heart of the living room

The new Lightguide bulbs are simply intended to be at the heart of the aesthetics of the living room. They are available in three versions (globe, ellipse and triangle), and they are offered in a glossy and reflective finish: the bulbs are no longer hiding! And of course, this range fits perfectly into a connected home with other Hue and home automation products.

Lightguide bulbs can be supplied with a suspension cord designed for them (in black or white), or with a retro-chic metal base. Still in this area of ​​design products, the Filament flame bulb is now offered in a White Ambiance style, which will allow for more customization.

© Signify

After the living room, the office. Signify has unveiled a new Hue Play Gradient light strip, specifically designed for PC gaming monitors. These headbands produce light and colors that flicker and illuminate in time with the in-game action, enhancing immersion. The product attaches to the back of the screen with the brackets provided, and it can be installed behind a straight or curved monitor.

The headband is sold in several sizes depending on the screens: 24/27 inches, 32/34 inches or even a longer model for three monitors (24/27 inches). The prices of these new products start at €84.99 for the Lightguide (€49.99 for the suspension cord), and €149.99 for the light strip.

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