New Game Plus and a photo mode are coming!

In 2015, Techland released a very attractive zombie game named Dying Light. It is an action-adventure video game in which the player must survive in an open world and protect themselves from a population of infected. It got a big hit, so the designer decided to release the “Dying Light 2 Stay Human” in February.

Fans were also wowed by this new installment with its richer world, and longer, more parkour challenges. However, it was also heavily criticized due to numerous bugs and persistent crashing issues. Thus, to rectify the situation, Techland has already released an update aimed at improving the gaming experience. A lot of options have been added but it will not stop there because the implementation a photo mode and New Game Plus is on the program.

New Game Plus and photo mode on Dying Light 2

Following requests from many players, the development team is working on adding new options to adjust the difficulty, New Game Plus and photo mode. This last feature is included in many games and allows you to turn the images you see in the game into a memory. So players can have fun capturing fun images of their characters.

Certainly, knowing the end of the game arouses the curiosity of players, but the feeling of sadness following the loss of our weapons and our power after having finished it is destabilizing. Hence the need for the New Game Plus feature which helps us to protect our weapons and the level we have reached after the end of the game. Besides, the fans are just waiting for that.

Players should expect the unexpected

Techland said there was more to come. Indeed, the developers have also confirmed the release of the new DLC Packs in June 2022. And it turns out that this first DCL would not be a continuation of the events told in Dying Light 2 but rather an adventure parallel to the main plot.

Tymon Smektala announced that at some point they will start adding events that occur at the end of the game and with post-launch support. His team already has a few ideas on paper and, apparently, it’s quite promising.


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