Des globules blancs observés de très près au microscope.

New immune cells discovered in humans

During cartographic experiences on human cells, researchers have discovered by chance a new type of immune cell from the uterus. existence even such cells has sparked heated debates in the past. However, they have already been detected in mice in the 1980s. According to the scientific journal the journal of immunology who talked about it at the time, these cells known as B-1 cells are produced very early in the embryo of the mouse.

Once activatedB-1 cells produce antibodies which then constitute a first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. The researchers noted that some of these antibodies will also help remove dead or dying cells. In 2018, another group of researchers reported in The Journal of Immunology discovered immune cells equivalent to B-1s in humans.

Unfortunately, the results of this work were not considered relevantbecause the very existence of these B-1 cells in humans did not convince the scientific world.

Strong Evidence for the Existence of B-1 Cells in the Human Embryo

the 12 may 2022 the scientific journal Science has just publish strong evidence existence of human B-1 cells. These data come carry out research of 2018 which were not deemed relevant enough. This new study was the most conclusive to date for understand the role of these cells in the early development of the immune system of the embryo.

White blood cells observed very closely under the microscope.

Researchers have reported that B-1 cells are already present at the beginning of embryonic developmentthat’s to say from the first trimester of pregnancy. They even managed to take high-resolution snapshots of these cells. They have been located in newly formed tissues of the thymus or in the embryonic yolk sac.

A fortuitous but very promising discovery

This recent discovery was the result of the work of a group international research project under the direction of the Human Cells Atlas (HCA) consortium with the aim of map every cell in our body. It is during these works that Sarah Teichmannco-founder of HCA, and her team discovered this particular immune cell by chance.

These new immune cells are very interestingbecause they can help repair tissues or organs. Researchers believe that they actively participate in the tissue remodeling during fetal development.


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