new Luxman models in Bluetooth and ZigBee

Among the home automation products most popular with users, light bulbs are in the lead. Easy to use and very well suited to this use, these are also the devices where the competition is the fiercest.

If there is one sector of home automation where the competition plays out fully, it is that of connected light bulbs. It is often the first use tested by all those who want to transform their habitat into a smart home. This is why novelties are so frequent, as for example at Leroy Merlin.

Bulbs for all tastes

The brand entered this market in October 2020 with Luxman brand connected bulbs. A range that has continued to grow, with quite recently a new generation of products: 14 new models have been added to the catalog to appeal to as many consumers as possible.

These new bulbs have several shapes and designs: globe (large round), Edison type (elongated vintage), flame, standard round, amber glass, transparent glass or even white glass. These models adopt different formats, again to be able to use them to the maximum of the possibilities: standard E27, small base E14 or even spot GU10.

In addition, these bulbs can connect both via Bluetooth and ZigBee. In the first case, pairing with Leroy Merlin’s Enki application is very simple, just register the bulb and that’s it. But the most interesting connection remains in ZigBee, more reliable, and which opens up other possibilities. However, you must have an Enki or Enki Connect box beforehand.

Once the bulbs are connected in the application, the user has the possibility of integrating them into scenarios, controlling them by voice with Alexa or the Google Assistant, controlling them remotely (in ZigBee), etc. The application also includes a new feature, “Zone and Group”, to control all the lights in a room (zone) or in a group (several bulbs in different rooms).

Luxman bulbs are available from €10.90 in Leroy Merlin stores as well as online. The Enki Connect box costs €29.90.

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