New Meta accounts are active to use a Quest headset

Users of Quest virtual reality headsets gain independence from Facebook. They will indeed be able to use a Meta account, instead of a Facebook or Instagram account.

For the past two years, Meta has required users of Quest virtual reality headsets to register with a Facebook or Instagram account. A regression from what was previously offered, in this case an Oculus account that lived separate from Meta’s social networks. Many Quest headset owners resented this requirement given Facebook’s reputation for privacy.

A Facebook account is no longer required

Complete change of foot in July: Meta has indeed announced that it will be possible to create a dedicated Meta account to be able to use a VR headset. It is still possible to use a Facebook or Instagram account, but also to start from a simple e-mail address. When turning on a Quest headset, it displays a five-digit code to be entered into the Oculus mobile app when creating the account.

You will need to provide your name and date of birth (you must be 13 years or older to create a Meta account). Then, it will be necessary to create a profile to access the Meta Horizon platform, available in France recently. Three privacy options are offered: “Open to everyone”, “Friends and family”, and “Solo”. By default, the option “Friends and family” is selected, except for users between 13 and 17 years old, in which case the option is “Solo” (it asks for explicit authorization for all follow-up requests ).

It is also possible to replace a Facebook account with a Meta account, which will retain purchases and downloads made with the previous account. Finally, for those who are still using an Oculus account, there is no change until January 1, 2023. Then, it will be necessary to switch to Meta and a Meta Horizon profile.

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