New Meta accounts to use a Quest headset

Two years ago, Facebook forced users of Oculus headsets to log into the social network to use their virtual reality devices, which angered many of them. Meta is now backtracking.

The case had made noise in the small community of Oculus headset users. In 2020, Facebook implemented a mandatory connection to the social network to use these VR products. This did not fail to create a controversy, since it was ultimately a question of collecting data from these users.

An account detached from the Facebook profile

The Facebook company, which has renamed itself Meta in the meantime, is changing its tune. Starting in August, current and new Quest headset users will be able to log in with a Meta account that does not require a Facebook login. Everyone who uses a Facebook account with their VR headset will need to create a new Meta account, including those who previously had to merge their Oculus account with a Facebook account.

This is not a surprise, Mark Zuckerberg announced this change last year, following the wind of anger from some Oculus headset users. Moreover, these new Meta accounts reflect Facebook’s desire to move away from virtual environments. The social network on one side, the metaverse on the other.

Nevertheless, future Meta accounts are very similar to Facebook accounts. It is indeed necessary to provide a lot of personal information (name, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth, bank details) which could be used to feed an advertising tracking profile… Meta, however, ensures that it is not a question of of a “social profile”.

Three confidentiality options are provided to avoid sharing private information: “Open to everyone”, “Friends and family” and “You only”. It will also be possible to register an account as “private”.

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