new price drop for the robot vacuum cleaner at Amazon (-60%)

Against all expectations, Amazon released its best offer on the iRobot Roomba 981. This legendary high-end robot vacuum cleaner sees its price plummet below 400 euros. A nugget.

An essential brand when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, Roomba has released a whole series of more or less advanced models. Among them, the Roomba 981 is the great reference of the year 2021. If it started at a price of 999 euros, it is now found around 550 to 600 euros at retailers. As part of its Black Friday ahead of time, Amazon drops its price to 399 euros via a flash sale.

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The best price ever for this iRobot Roomba 981! Certainly, we had the opportunity to see it in the past during prestigious operations such as Prime Day in June or even Black Friday, but only Amazon was able to offer this price, no other merchant did as well. If you want to secure this matter, you will have to be quick.

If you are looking for one of the best robot vacuums on the market, this Roomba 981 model will be one of the obvious choices. At the same time, Amazon is taking the opportunity to bring down the prices of the entire iRobot range (but also Bissell or Rowenta) on its site. The Star offer remains however the one on the most premium model. For less than 400 euros, having such a vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning so well and being controlled remotely is a treat.

Roomba 981: high-end robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is always a chore, especially when you don’t have the right accessories available. With a robot vacuum like the iRobot Roomba 981, you will be able to automate cleaning without having to worry about it. The quality of the suction is really extra: its suction power has been multiplied by 10 compared to the previous generation (600 Series).

Roomba 981 is able to map a home and identify particularly dirty areas. He will always be able to adapt and insist more or less hard depending on the area. Once the robot has finished its work (or its battery is low), it automatically comes back to the charging base. You can then send it back to clean via different methods: manually, by voice (Alexa or Google Assistant) or from an iOS or Android mobile application. This allows you to launch it from a distance without having to be nearby.

With more than 30 years of expertise in robotics, iRobot is the great benchmark in the sector. This special Black Friday offer featured on the Amazon site is really a great deal. It is unlikely to last until “Black Friday” which is held on November 26th. We therefore invite you to be as responsive as possible because the stock can leave at full speed. In the household appliance category, it is probably one of the bestsellers for the holiday season.

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Why buy from Amazon?

Amazon is known to focus on quality with a catalog of premium products. This Roomba 981 from iRobot is the perfect example. It is a benchmark device in its segment that will bring you real comfort on a daily basis. It can pass on a regular basis to prevent you from having a dirty or dusty housing.

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to pay the price for quality. An essential element is the suction power. Indeed, if you take a vacuum cleaner that is not powerful enough, it will not be able to remove all the layer of dust. In the end, you will be disappointed with the result. It is therefore imperative to turn to premium products like iRobot’s Roomba 981.

Amazon offers flexibility on all levels when making your purchase, which works in its favor. First of all, you can return the product until January 31, 2022. That is, if you want to make it a Christmas present, you can always return it after the holidays if the recipient is not satisfied. This is a security that no other e-merchant offers: they all limit themselves to the 14 days of mandatory withdrawal.

It is true that this iRobot Roomba 981 remains a luxury product which is around 400 euros. For those who do not necessarily have the budget to put in immediately, it is possible to take advantage of the Amazon payment service in 4 installments at no cost. It is a device that is put forward especially for the end of the year holidays and Black Friday.

To discover this flash sale, it’s here:

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