New rewards are available on GTA Online

If you don’t know, Cayo Perico is the latest update made by Rockstar for their GTA Online. This allows players to take part in a diamond heist mission that is both surprising and thrilling. Rewards are provided for all players who participate or successfully complete the mission. This week, said rewards will be placed under the sign of the Heist and will be available in the new Patch Note made available today by Rockstar.

A panther statue and a mask as rewards

Each year, GTA Online chooses an entire month that it dedicates as the Heist Month. During it, the game is punctuated by robberies of all kinds. It also offers all-new rewards that all relate to the game’s most important heist: the Cayao Perico heist.

Since the beginning of this month of November, GTA Online players have been in the middle of the month of scrapping. For this last week, they will be entitled to special rewards in addition to those they have been able to glean so far.

Players who manage to finish the first part of the Cayo Perico heist this week will be able to take away the famous statue of the Panther. And that’s not all. Those of them who manage to complete the mission will also have a mask in the shape of a red skull for free.

In addition, if a player manages to complete the preparatory mission of the heist, he will have the possibility of winning orange sunglasses. The kind of glasses to scare anyone who’s supposed to protect a diamond.

The other advantages offered by the new patch note of GTA Online

The other missions available on GTA Online will also offer nice surprises to players. Thus, on the Kart Krash: Full Auto and Overtime Rumble challenges, the rewards offered are twice as high as usual. The same goes for the Superyacht Life contract missions which offer the same level of reward this week.

This week’s Ride Tests in GTA Online are: the Karin Calico GTF, the Pfister Comet S2, and the Vapid Dominator ASP. While for the Lucky Podium winners, the vehicle referred to as Grotti Visione will be the number one attraction.

Rockstar has also included in its brand new patch bonuses for next week and a reduction in the price of certain vehicles.

The special bonus that will be available the following week is 100,000 GTA dollars. It is intended for players who will connect their Prime Gaming account to GTA Online during the said week. Regarding vehicle reductions, they will concern five vehicles.

These include the Vapid Slamtruck, Kurtz 31 Patroller, Sparrow, Kraken Avisa, and Armed Dinghy. Each of these vehicles will have a 40% discount on the price of their acquisition this week in the game.

Finally, it must be said that the full patch notes for this week are available on the official Rockstar website.

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