New Vegas 2 is currently in discussions at Microsoft

New Vegas 2 is currently in discussions at Microsoft

Here we go again like in 2281: it seems that the famous sequel to Fallout New Vegas, the cult game from Obsidian studio, is about to become a reality. Released in 2010 on PS3, 360 and PC, this RPG has remained in the hearts of fans as one of the best installments in the franchise. fallout for his writing and his onion-filled atmosphere.

Something to inspire Microsoftcurrent owner of Bethesda and therefore of the Obsidian studio…

Fallout New Vegas 2, more real than ever?

As always, it was at the microphone of his Grubbsnax podcast that the American insider reported a scoop the size of the Nevada Strip: discussions would be underway at Microsoft at the moment regarding a possible sequel for Fallout New Vegas. »It’s still very early, but threads have been started with spoken words, and those words are “Obsidian” and “New Vegas 2“” Announces Grubb whose remarks are reported to us by VideoGamesChronicles. ” A lot of people within MIcroosft think it might work and there’s a lot of interest in it happening“…What if a sequel comes to Xbox Series X|S consoles?

We will still temper the joy of the boldest fans: this is a pre-preliminary discussion, and nothing really concrete has been announced for the moment. ” We are talking [d’un projet] for years and years to come warns Grubb, before adding that there is ” at least some interest and discussions to make something like this happen“. This is certainly the best news that can be given to fans of the original 2010 game right now.

If we risk having to wait a long time before knowing more, the future of fallout at least looks radiant, and not radiated by nuclear waste. The last game for the franchise dates back to 2018 with Fallout 76an online multiplayer spin-off decidedly very different in its mechanics than the older games in the series.

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