New Windows 11 emojis won’t arrive on Windows 10

Microsoft has recently offered an update that allows you to have new emojis on Windows 11. Can Windows 10 users expect to have them too? This is not planned, at least for now.

New Windows 11 Emojis

No new emojis on Windows 10

The new emojis were to remain an exclusive on Windows 11. Besides, users on Windows 10 should not be entitled to new emojis, whether those of the new operating system or others.

The update to have them on Windows 11 is currently optional. Interested users should go to settings and then to the updates section and force a search. The KB5007262 update should then appear and you can download it.

It turns out that Microsoft intends to offer it to all users, even those who never go to Windows Update. However, the group does not specify when all users with its new operating system will have them. We can imagine that it will be a matter of week or month, but there is not yet a precise date.

Regarding Windows 10, Microsoft recently declared that its operating system will now have the right to one update per year with new features, instead of two updates so far. However, there is no information on the new features that will be offered. Do not expect much, we can imagine that the company wants to bet on Windows 11.

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