New York mayor is a big friend of cryptos and lets it be known

Eric Adams is the newest mayor of New York, and since his election, the former policeman writes about his love of bitcoin to anyone who wants to hear it.

Eric Adams has been the new mayor of New York since November 2. While Biden’s Democratic camp has lost the post of governor in Virgine, who has just returned to the Republican side, the resident of the White House can take comfort in telling himself that the city that never sleeps is still in the hands of his left. It is therefore the former police officer Eric Adams who was elected with more than 60% of the votes at the head of the Big Apple (we are not talking about Apple here).

Very close to his electorate, the 61-year-old man, now retired, did not take long to stand out. Indeed in a tweet published this weekend the brand new mayor of New York indicated that he was going to ask to be paid in bitcoins for the first three months of his mandate. This is very reassuring news for all those who believe in this virtual currency and who sends a strong signal to the world, while countries like China refuse to accept the presence of the virtual currency on their territory.

But this announcement very quickly raised many questions. Indeed, does New York City have the technical capacity to provide such a salary? In addition, what about possible fluctuations (upwards or downwards) in the price of virtual currency, which we know to be very volatile? So many questions which are for the moment unanswered, the main interested party not having returned to the subject for the moment.

In line with this announcement made by the future mayor of New York (Eric Adams is due to take office on January 1), he also asked that cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies be taught at school. According to him, it is a pity that the youngest do not know what these virtual currencies are and how they work when they will have to use them throughout their future life. An announcement nonetheless quite surprising from a mayor who has no decision-making power over school programs, these are set by the federal department in charge of education.

New York, Miami: crypto-cities?

While the mayor of New York does not hide his admiration for cryptocurrency, he is not the only one on the US East Coast who thinks this way. Indeed, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez has also requested to be paid in bitcoins. He also called on miners to take advantage of his city’s “clean energy” (nuclear power). While waiting to know whether or not a mining center will emerge in the coming years in the city of Florida, these announcements remain very good for the price of the crypto which has never been so good.

For the record, Eric Adams will succeed Democrat Bill de Blasio at the head of the city since 2014. He will then become the 100th mayor of the city, the second who is a black man, after David Dinkins, elected between 1990 and 1993.

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