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Next Games joins Netflix to develop world-class games

Netflix has offered to buy Next Games, a Finnish game studio founded by Teemu Huuhtanen in 2013. Next Games specializes in designing mobile games based on popular entertainment franchises or most-watched series. Over the years, the Next Games team has successfully created and operated dedicated games for fans around the world.

Netflix, through this acquisition, wants to create a library of great games for its subscribers. They will be able to enjoy new content. But the company said it won’t be easy and will take a lot of design time. However, Next Games coming to a country home to the best mobile game designers can only be a good thing.

Netflix wants to make the happiness of its community

Included in the monthly subscription, Netflix has integrated a new mobile games service into its platform by acquiring Next Games. A few games have already been available for free download on the iOS and Android application stores since 2021. The arrival of Next Games will only strengthen the service which is dedicated to the development of Netflix games.

You should know that the company has always called on external partners for the design of its video games. Titles like Stranger Things and Stranger Things 3 have been implemented with the collaboration of BonusXP. With Next Games, the company will now be able to develop more titles in-house.

Netflix rarely makes acquisitions

Currently, the largest streaming service has just five associates. The company’s decision to acquire Next Games may have something to do with Microsoft and Sony. Both companies also make purchases from big-name studios to grow their respective gaming services. Netflix has invested the sum of 65 million euros or 72.08 million dollars for the takeover of Next Games. An offer that Next Games strongly recommended to its shareholders.

After this offer, the shares doubled. If the current share price is 0.93 euros, shareholders will have 2.1 euros in cash per share if they accept the offer. The two companies are now awaiting the closing of the transaction, which should take place during the second quarter of 2022.


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