NFT sacred word of the year by Collins dictionary

Non-fungible tokens have been successful this year, so much so that the prestigious Collins decides to grant NFTs the title of “word of the year”.

While in France, the debate still panics on the pronoun “Iel” which made its debut at Robert this year, the British Collins dictionary has, like every year, attributed its title of “Word of the year”. After “confinement” in 2020, “Fake news” in 2017, or “Binge-watching” in 2015, it’s the turn of the word “NFT” to receive the honorary title, before “Metaverse”, “neopronoms” and “Crypto”.

The reign of the NFT

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past few months, you’ve probably heard of this acronym NFT, for “Non-fungible token”. Closely linked to the development of cryptocurrencies, these tamper-proof and immutable digital certificates have become a global phenomenon in recent months, to the point of seeing their use increase by 11,000%, reports a study conducted by Collins. Often associated with digital works of art, NFTs have also enabled the sale of many more amazing virtual objects, such as the first tweet in history, or the recipe for Quick’s famous Giant sauce.

Whether it’s a video, music, picture, or even an athlete’s body part, these unique digital tokens are capable ofattest to the official owner of an intangible asset. In the longer term, some web giants like Mark Zuckerberg also see NFTs as a significant new financial windfall for populating the Internet of the future, also called the metaverse, with virtual objects. It is therefore not surprising that the acronym relating to non-fungible tokens, although still reserved for an insider audience, has been crowned word of the year by one of the most prestigious dictionaries in the world.

The words of the year 2021 according to the Collins

  1. NFT
  2. Climate anxiety (eco-anxiety)
  3. Double-vaxxed (doubly vaccinated)
  4. Metaverse
  5. Pingdemic (notification asking someone to isolate themselves after being in contact)
  6. Cheugy (which is contrary to the trend)
  7. Crypto
  8. Hybrid working (mix telework and face-to-face)
  9. Neopronoun (neopronom)
  10. Regencycore (Fashion inspired by the regent era, very popular since The Bridgertons’ Chronicle aired on Netflix)

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