NFTs have no current interest in PlatinumGames (NieR Automata)

The two main figures of PlatinumGames believe that the NFT do not currently have any seductive potential, and that for the moment, this new method of sale only seems profitable to companies and not to consumers and players.

Seeming to be recognized, and almost unanimously on the consumer side, as the door open to even more video game excesses, NFTs continue to make the news despite everything. Why, after all, bring light to a subject whose interest is considered limited? Probably because on the other side, publishers are in a position to impose the format through cleverly thought out models. It therefore seems relevant to take the temperature and ultimately know who will draw first, second or never.

In a river interview granted to VGC, the CEO of PlatinumGames Atsushi Inaba and the designer Hideki Kamiya expressed their respective thoughts on the subject of NFTs. And from reading their responses, we can expect personalized virtual panties from 2B to remain a fantasy for some.

NFT: Hideki Kamiya not surprised by Konami’s move

Asked about the possibility that PlatinumGames is interested in NFTs, the boss of the studio testified to an attraction close to absolute zero.

“We haven’t really thought about that. I understand it’s a hot topic right now and it’s really starting to gain momentum, but the way it’s been done has been focused on the profitability of the business, but without any positive impact on creators or users. It’s frustrating to see what’s going on.

People who try to promote NFTs and partner with video game companies, their conversations seem extremely one-sided. ‘Hey, you’re going to make money!’ But how does this benefit the user or the creator? If I want to dedicate my time to anything, I want it to be making good games.

As content becomes more and more digital, I think the concept of NFT is going to grow in importance, but I think early adopters only see it as a way to make as much profit as possible. To be honest, it’s not something that interests me. »

Same story for Hideki Kamiya, who thus says that he does not have ” no interest “ for NFTs in their current form. We will underline the reaction of the designer when he was asked if he was surprised by a Konami having already put marbles in this perilous adventure:

” Not really. If it smells like money, Konami will be there in a heartbeat! »

Source: VGC

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