Nick Fury returns to kick ass in new Marvel trailer

Secret Invasion is Marvel Studios’ next series for Disney+. It will feature Nick Fury, former director of SHIELD, in his fight against the Skrulls. This is an adaptation of a well-known arc from Marvel comics.

Nick Fury

The D23 Expo allowed Disney to announce a whole bunch of projects and release trailers for highly anticipated series. Among them, that of Secret Invasionthe next series from Marvel Studios.

Secret Invasion will feature an arc well known to comic book readers. She will also sign the return to business of Nick Fury, who had been discreet since 2019. As a reminder, the last time we saw him was in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man Far From Home. He was having a good time in space.

Secret Invasion will feature a 5-star cast

Secret Invasion will tell us about the fight of the former director of SHIELD against the Skrulls, these aliens capable of taking on any appearance. The trailer reveals a series with an atmosphere halfway between espionage and vintage 1950s science fiction.

Samuel L Jackson obviously reprising his role as Nick Fury. We can also see Cobbie Smulders as Maria Hills, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos (character who appeared in Captain Marvel) or Don Cheadle as James Rhodes. The series will also be able to count on Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) or Olivia Colman (The Crown). In short, a solid cast for a series that is not necessarily the most anticipated. Note that Marvel Studios has specified that Armor Wars with Don Cheadle (not yet filmed), will serve as a sequel to Secret Invasion.

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Secret Invasion is scheduled for 2023. Then, we will have the right to an Echo series, a second season for Loki as well as an Ironheart series. In 2024, Daredevil will sign his big comeback with Born Again.

The D23 Expo was an opportunity for Disney to reveal a lot of things. For example, Andor was entitled to a new trailer, while the series is only out in a few days. Season 3 of The Mandalorian also delivered a very first look that sets the tone for the future adventures of Grogu and his protector.

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