Nicolas Cage to play Dracula for the big screen

The actor will show his teeth in front of Nicolas Hoult in the film Renfield, developed by Universal.

For many years, monsters have occupied an important part of the audiovisual scene. On the small or the big screen, they are numerous to make the spectators shiver. Lately, it is Warner Bros which decided to devote a cinematographic universe to its creatures, among the most mythical of the 7th art, King-Kong and Godzilla at the head of the poster. But the studios are not the only ones to want to bet on the monsters to be successful. Universal is also going to produce a new film of the genre, this time inspired by fantasy literature.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the firm is preparing a feature film adapted from Bram Stocker’s book: Dracula . Baptized Renfield, he will be particularly interested in the character of the same name. Victim of Count Dracula, he was treated in a psychiatric hospital by Doctor John Seward.

Nicholas vs Nicholas

To set up the mythical bloodsucker, Universel has recruited Nicolas Cage. After playing the explorers with Benjamin Gates, a character he will find in 2023, he should put on his most beautiful canines to play Dracula. He is also not very foreign to the world of vampires and monsters since he played in Kiss Me Vampire, in which he played a literary agent who was bitten by a young woman and who begins to mutate.

In this new fantastic adventure, he will not give the answer to Jennifer Beals, but to Nicholas Hoult (X-Men) in the shoes of the count’s sidekick and henchman. The rest of the cast has yet to be revealed. However, we know who will be behind the camera.

From The Tomorrow War to Dracula

Many filmmakers have tackled vampire mythology, especially that of Dracula. Among the masterpieces of the genre, it is undoubtedly the film by Francis Ford Coppola that occupies the place of choice. A particularly heavy heritage to bear for other filmmakers. To bring this new film to life, Universal hired a successful filmmaker.

Chris McKay was given the task. The filmmaker is not really used to the genre and should thus sign his first fantastic achievement. In the past, he has imaged The Tomorrow War for Amazon Prime Video as well as the animated film Lego: Batman. Nothing to see with Dracula so.

To find out if he will be up to the challenge, he will have to be patient. The film does not yet have a release date. The recruitment of the cast nevertheless means that the machine is on, so we can hope not to have to wait for centuries. Unlike Count Dracula, we are not immortal!

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