Nintendo blocks 5 Switch game piracy sites in France

The Paris court forced Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free to block five game piracy sites for Nintendo Switch. The block is active now.

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Blocking in France of five sites to download Nintendo Switch games

Blocking game hacking sites include,,, and As often, it is a blockage at the DNS level. Those who do not use the ISP’s DNS can therefore still access the sites in question. Moreover, the sites can appeal the court decision, reports Ouest-France.

Nintendo says it’s taking this type of lawsuit “not only on his behalf, but also on behalf of many video game developers whose income depends on the legitimate sale of games for Nintendo Switch”. The group adds that this practice “harms the functionality and experience of genuine Nintendo products, whether video games or Nintendo Switch consoles. For example, downloading and playing pirated versions may cause potentially dangerous code to execute on the user’s console, putting them at risk.”.

You should know that there is a hack of the Nintendo Switch, which allows you to play pirated games. This hack is possible thanks to a hardware and not software flaw in the console’s Nvidia chip, meaning that Nintendo cannot plug it, even with an update. This affected Switches sold until the summer of 2019. After that, Nintendo discreetly modified the faulty component and the consoles available since that date no longer have the hardware flaw.

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