Nintendo censors a bloody Pokémon FPS imagined by a fan

Nintendo doesn’t like fan-made games. The company does not hesitate to hunt for illegal copies to enforce its intellectual property.

Nintendo is not really flexible on the question of intellectual property. Especially when it comes to Pokémon, its golden egg hen whose next opus Pokemon Legends Arceus could soon revolutionize the franchise. A few weeks ago, however, the independent developer Dragon shared an original FPS, modeled on the universe of pocket monsters. A situation that did not really please the Japanese giant. In just a few days, the company went on a hunt for videos, removing with a vengeance the slightest evidence of this illegal variation of the license.

In mid-January on Reddit, developer Dragon_GameDev shared the first images of its Pokémon shooter. Created with Unreal Engine, this FPS offered to knock out the pocket monster with a vengeance. Equipped with a submachine gun, a shotgun or a pistol, the gameplay offered us a bloody and brutal version of the Pokémon saga, far from the watered-down animations that games usually offer when a knockout occurs.

Without surprise, Pokemon X FPS, did not make Nintendo happy. Just a few days before the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus, this FPS is a bad ad that the Japanese giant does not intend to let pass. In barely a weekend, Big N launched a massive clean-up operation, in order to empty the Internet of any image related to the prohibited game. A few visuals and videos remain, but it’s probably only a matter of time before they disappear. On the developer tweets presenting the project, we can now read “This media has been disabled following a report from the copyright holder”.

Nintendo doesn’t like fan games

Whether it’s homebrew or PC emulations, Nintendo has never held fan creations close to its heart. The firm regularly hunts for illegal games, but also for all unofficial derivative products. Like many others before him, Pokemon x FPS therefore joins the vast cemetery of amateur projects linked to the franchise.

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