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Nintendo confirms a new console, and already fears the shortage

In its financial report, Nintendo evokes a new console, which may also encounter the shortage of components.

A few days ago, Nintendo shared its financial statement for the quarter, with precise sales figures and comments on the future of the company. Since its release, Nintendo has sold nearly 93 million Nintendo Switch, which leaves a considerable margin to the manufacturer, and gives him immense pride. But that’s not all, the firm intends to keep the same pace by adopting the same strategy as usual: providing consoles and games.

For this, Nintendo released its Switch Lite in 2019, then the Switch OLED in 2021, and now confirms the arrival of a new console … for 20XX. We grant you that, it is not very precise in terms of information. Indeed, Nintendo has not revealed the date of availability of its next console, and we still have no idea of ​​its specificities. Nevertheless, many already see it as one more clue on a Switch Pro, with 4K support.

The Switch Pro, a new console, or both?

However, nothing is less certain. On the diagram provided by the firm, we see some major milestones with the Wii and the DS between 2004 and 2006, the Nintendo Switch, a small revolution when it was released in 2017, and finally the next Nintendo console. So it could be a whole new console model, like a new generation in its own right.

In addition, Nintendo already has fears about this console as it may well be subject to the shortage of electronic components, which is expected to last until 2023 according to some. The manufacturer has already reduced its production of Nintendo Switch by 20% before the end of the year holidays, which does not bode well for the rest of its plan at the hardware level.

Nintendo Switch Online will be improved

In this financial report, Nintendo also has an express word for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription and the subscription with the additional pack. Indeed, it is stated that the company intends to continue to improve its service – surely in reference to the flop when the N64 games are released – but not only. The two formulas will also be extended.

This means that Nintendo plans to add content and features, not only to the add-on, but also to the basic subscription, which has not really budged for a few years. So this would be great news for all gamers, and also for Nintendo which will probably attract a lot more customers in this way.

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