Nintendo ends lootboxes for its most popular mobile game

The gacha system poses a problem for many players pushing the Kyoto firm to part with it for its racing game.

Although surprise boxes are the hallmark of Mario Kart to get shells and snipe opponents, the loot boxes of Mario Kart Tour have never been unanimous with the players. It is therefore after two years of bad and loyal service that the gacha system of the mobile title bows out. For those who have never played the smartphone version of Mario Kartobtaining characters and vehicles was done randomly through draws made with a teleportation pipe.

This controversial practice had the merit of blending in well with the Mario universe thanks to its fun presentation, but it then required colossal expenses to hope to obtain the coveted objects. Nintendo has just announced the content ofa huge update aimed at convincing players to return to the asphalt of Mushroom Kingdom races. The major change in the economic system is therefore the spearhead for this campaign of seduction.

A classic shop and a frenetic battle mode

Nintendo hasn’t given the reason behind the sudden change, but it’s not the first to make the switch. Overwatch is also gearing up for its new service play economy system. A similar model to Fortnite, service games make battle passes and other cosmetic items sold on rotation their mainstay of income. Players know what they are buying and are often more likely to get their hands on the wallet.

With these changes, it is likely that Mario Kart Tour is now made available in markets where lootboxes are prohibited, such as in Belgium in particular. If this transition proves to be effective, we could perhaps see other mobile games from the Kyoto firm take the plunge, such asAnimal Crossing Pocket Camp. Mario Kart Tour will therefore adopt a store with rotating content, pushing players to log in regularly to find out if the character of their dreams is sold at this precise moment. On top of that, the mobile game comes with the long-awaited battle mode that was discovered in the game files a few weeks ago.

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