Nintendo is still thinking about the console that will succeed the Switch

The Switch has been around since 2017 and Nintendo will obviously offer another console in the future. It won’t be for now, but the group says they’re still thinking about what the model will come up with.

2021 OLED Switch Getting Started 2

Details to be refined for the console that will succeed the Switch

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa evoked this subject during the telephone call with analysts following the publication of the group’s financial results. “We have nothing to say”, he began, before making a comment. “The Switch is in the middle phase of its cycle, it now has an OLED display and the momentum continues with a wide range of games.” The president then says that Nintendo is “Always in internal discussion on the concept, the schedule and the rest, and we discuss everything” concerning the console that will succeed the Switch.

It remains to be determined now whether a Switch Pro is still relevant. There have been so many rumors about him. There is no smoke without fire, although Nintendo is doing everything to calm things down. It’s okay after all, the group wants their recently released OLED Switch to sell. Now is not the time to negatively impact sales.

Now comes the big question: will the console that will succeed the Switch be a completely different model (as was the Switch compared to the Wii U)? Or will it be a variant of the Switch, with for example the Switch Pro? It’s a mystery for now.

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