Nintendo reportedly improved N64 emulation on Switch Online

The arrival of the Nintendo 64 catalog within the service Nintendo Switch + Additional Pack did not happen without a number of problems. The emulation exercise is one of the most difficult to perfect; but the copy made by the Kyoto firm last October frankly left something to be desired. Nevertheless, some improvements have—finally—been made to the console catalog, sign that Nintendo has of course heard the (many) complaints from players who would like to see these video game classics benefit from a little more attention.

These improvements are reported to us by the youtubeur specialist in retro games Modern Vintage Gamer in his latest video.

Update 1.2 fixes the broken pots

Perhaps the biggest affront of all: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, arguably a console and fan favorite, suffered from the most graphics glitches. Between the absent transparency effects and the intolerable input lag, this new reissue of the game paled in comparison to previous versions also emulated on the virtual console of the Nintendo Wii or in the anniversary cake released in limited edition on Gamecube.

But it looks like Nintendo has made amends—at least in part, through a new 1.2 update going live in tandem with the arrival of Banjo-Kazooie on service. As detailed by MVG, the transparency effect and texture of the ocean around the Water Temple has finally been fixed to resemble the original look of the game on Nintendo 64.

Input lag has also been slightly reduced by approximately “one or two frames“. The input lag problem is inherent in the technology used for software emulation, and it is virtually impossible to achieve the same latency of the original hardware with so-called “classic” techniques. Nevertheless, a certain standard of gaming comfort remains well within reach of conscientious developers—as this patch proves. As for the fog effect, yet so characteristic of the Nintendo 64, there is still work to do.

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