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Nintendo Switch 2 or Pro: Nvidia hack offers console details

The recent Nvidia hack allows us to learn a little more about the Nintendo Switch 2 or Pro. What is the relationship between Nintendo and Nvidia? The first uses a processor from the second. Suffice to say that collaboration is important to offer a good gaming experience.

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Nintendo Switch 2 or Pro details ‘thanks’ to Nvidia

By rummaging through files obtained through the Nvidia hack, people noticed the presence of “NVN2” mentions. This acronym refers to the APIs designed by Nintendo and Nvidia for the Switch. The fact that there is the number 2 suggests that there is a new generation of console in preparation.

The files show that NVN2 is based on Ampere, Nvidia’s latest architecture, and supports DLSS 2.2. We’ve been hearing about a Switch 2 or Pro for several months now that would support DLSS for better visual rendering of games. This seems to be confirmed today.

Also, other files refer to Nvidia’s T234 and T239 chips. They are more efficient than those found in the Switch and the Switch OLED, which is not really a surprise. The Switch OLED, for example, has a graphics chip with 256 cores. We go to 2,048 cores with the T234.

There is one point that Nvidia’s hack does not determine: the release date for the Nintendo Switch 2 or Pro. But there have been a lot of rumors in recent months about him. It is to wonder if it will not see the light of day in 2022.

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