Nintendo Switch dominates console sales in 2021

Nintendo Switch dominates console sales in 2021

Barely arrived safe and sound in 2022, it is now time to take stock of the past year in the console sales charts in Japan. If the year 2021 should have been placed under the domination of the new generation of console, the current health crisis – and consequently, the disruptions of production chains in the world – have delayed the boom effect of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S… In favor, as expected, of Nintendo Switch.

This monster still sits comfortably at the top of video game hardware sales in Japan, as confirmed by the figures of Famitsu magazine reported by the site

The Switch dominates, the others bow

Thus, the Nintendo Switch sold 5.3 million units in Japan during the year 2021. This is the only console to exceed the mark of one million units sold. A colossal figure which brings together the 3 different models sold by the Kyoto firm: the standard Nintendo Switch model, Nintendo Switch Lite and the recent Nintendo Switch OLED model. By comparison, the Nintendo Switch had sold 5.1 million copies during the year 2020 — a sign, if one was still needed, of Nintendo’s stranglehold on the console market in its native country.

And if some of you are wondering what happened to the Nintendo 3DS, the brand’s latest real laptop, it achieved the small score of 28,224 consoles sold, which begs the question: who still buys new 3DS in 2021?

The PS5 in second position

Coming back to the home console market, the PlayStation 5 is right behind the Nintendo Switch — but far, far away. Sony’s next-generation console sold 942,798 units in 2021. PS5 stocks, particularly meager in Japan, have greatly hampered spending by curious people ready to make the switch to the new generation.

This score remains however much higher than the sales of Xbox Series X | S and its 95,598 units sold. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft’s consoles are still struggling to gain a foothold in Japan — but the Series duo nonetheless scores significantly better than the Xbox One in the year following its release. Finally, The PlayStation 4 is still resisting with no less than 103.786.

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