Nintendo Switch OLED destroyed in video for a good cause

After watching this Nintendo Switch OLED get destroyed on video, you’ll want to buy a protective film for yours.

Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo’s latest flagship, has been on the console market for less than a month. Since its release on October 8, the manufacturer has reminded its players of the importance of preventive measures against residual burns of the OLED screen, and has spoken in favor of the protective film affixed by default to the screen.

This has just been severely tested by a console user, who posted his experience (and results) on Youtube. Notice to sensitive souls, the Nintendo Switch in this video undergoes rather brutal experiences, which should not be reproduced at home and which can make many gamers feel sick.

The fire, the blades … and the coins

Youtuber JerryRigEverything got down to the job and tested the durability of the Nintendo Switch OLED. In his video, the content creator takes several tools, and even a part, to test the strength of the OLED screen as well as the effectiveness of Nintendo’s protective film. The videographer comes to the conclusion that the screen of the new Switch is fragile enough to be damaged by keys or parts.

Although the film does not offer optimal resistance, it is still an effective protection against broken glass, as announced by Nintendo. This visibly protects against fire as well, since it does not burn on prolonged contact with a flame, unlike the plastic screen of the classic Switch. However, he recommends that users buy their own protective film, glass this time, and possibly the brand DBrand.

Sustainability and preservation at the heart of the video

We also learn that the borders on the right and left of the screen are made of metal, while the classic Nintendo Switch was made of simple plastic. An improvement that is to the taste of the Youtubeur since it considerably increases the durability of the console. More than a simple test, this video is above all a message to Nintendo, and to all manufacturers in general, regarding the strength of their products.

A better quality console will allow players to keep it longer, despite the vagaries of life that can damage it. If a console can be kept in good condition for longer, then that would not only justify the price of the console, but also significantly reduce e-waste and premature obsolescence.

Nintendo is particularly at the heart of this debate because of the Switch controllers. These are subject to a fault called drift which has affected them for 4 years now, and which has still not been resolved. However, the Nintendo Switch OLED tends to be more reliable than its predecessor and shows good resistance in the hands of JerryRigEverything.

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