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Nintendo Switch: production down 20% due to chip shortage

The chip shortage affects just about everyone and that includes Nintendo with its Switch. According to Nikkei, the production of the console will drop by 20% for the current fiscal year, precisely because of the shortage.

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Decreasing production for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo initially aimed to produce 30 million Switches by March 2022 (the month that will mark the end of its current fiscal year). But it will actually be 24 million consoles given the situation with suppliers and other subcontractors. Also, Nintendo aimed to increase the production of its new model with the OLED screen, but with the high demand for the console and the shortage of components, this was not possible.

A Nintendo spokesperson acknowledged that Switch production is affected by the component shortage. “We take stock of the impact on our production”, said the spokesperson, without going into more detail.

Nintendo chairman Shuntaro Furukawa previously said the company was unable to build as many consoles as it wanted and uncertainty remained over production. He added that demand for the Switch was still strong. Indeed, the shops had to go through a lottery system to hope to have a maximum of stock.

In June, during the last official count, Nintendo had sold 89.04 million Switches worldwide. As a reminder, the original console saw the light of day in 2017.

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