Nintendo Switch Sports is not compatible with the Switch Lite (but it can still be played)

Nintendo created a sensation during its first Direct of the year by presenting Switch Sports, the successor to the famous Wii Sports game that the manufacturer offered with each Wii console. But now, not all Switch players will be able to enjoy it, at least not fully.

On April 29, fans of Wii Sports and newcomers to the Nintendo world will be able to indulge in volleyball, bowling, badminton or even tennis with Switch Sports. The announcement during the last Nintendo Direct had the effect of a bomb, Wii Sports having been one of the huge successes of the Wii (and for good reason, the game was supplied with the console).

Return of a mythical game

This collection of six sports disciplines will be completed in the summer and autumn via free updates which will bring two additional sports, namely football and golf. It will be possible to play solo or with others, whether locally or online. There will even be the possibility of creating leagues. In short, it smells of assured cardboard… But not for all players.

The sports offered in Switch Sports were designed to be practiced Joy-Con in hand, the console in tabletop mode or preferably docked to the TV. It is indeed a question of reproducing the movements with the joysticks, which integrate accelerometers to measure the gestures. This immediately excludes optimal operation on the Switch Lite, since the console and the controllers are one on this model! According to figures given by Nintendo, Switch Sports is not suitable for 20 million players worldwide.

This is also the case for games Nintendo Lab, Super Mario Party and 1-2-Switch. However, Switch Lite users will not be completely left out: it is indeed still possible to connect a pair of Joy-Con to the console. On the other hand, it cannot be connected to a television, so it will be necessary to find a makeshift stand to make it stand on a table.

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