Nintendo Switch Sports will have gamers sweating next April

Nintendo proves again that nothing is lost and everything is transformed: at the climax of its Nintendo Direct broadcast last night, the Kyoto firm revealed Nintendo Switch Sports, the next high-end recycling game for its mobile console. Shameless resumption of certain minigames of the Wii Sports which made the success of its eponymous console, this new title includes half a dozen minigames based on several different sports.

The Nintendo Switch gets into sports

On the program of Nintendo Switch Sports, we will thus find tennis and bowling, i.e. half of the disciplines already present in the Wii Sports from more than 10 years ago. Added to these are four new sports that will also take advantage of the joy-cons’ motion sensor: first of all, chanbara, a foam sword duel. The goal of this painless skirmish is to push the opponent out of the floating ring.

Football will also join the party—except that the ball is 20 times bigger than usual, in a style that’s bound to be reminiscent of Rocket League. A strap sold with the physical edition of the game will allow you to attach a joy-con to your thigh to move your leg during shots on goal. However, you will have to wait for the update scheduled for this summer before you can take advantage of this bonus feature.

In a completely different kind of racket sport, badminton is also making its debut, as is volleyball. Finally, golf will be introduced by a second update scheduled for next fall, without further information as to its precise release date. Each of these games will be playable alone or with others, in local or online multiplayer. Playing online will also unlock outfits to customize your game avatar, and will also include an online ranking to measure your performance against players around the world. An online Play test session is scheduled for February 19 to 20. The output of Nintendo Switch Sports is expected on April 29.

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