Nintendo Switch: update 14.0 adds folders

Nintendo offers the 14.0 update for the Switch with a novelty expected by the players, namely the folders for the games. It thus becomes possible to group together several titles in the same group for better organization.

Nintendo Switch Folders Groups

How to Create Game Folders on Switch

To create a folder on Nintendo Switch, go to the far right of the home screen and open the “All Software” section. Once on this page, press the L button to go to the groups section. You will be able to select between one and 200 games, choose a name and then create the group. You can create up to 100 folders with a maximum of 200 games per group.

The negative point of this feature is that it is not possible to have the groups directly from the home screen. Each time you have to go to All software > Groups. It is to be hoped that an update will offer the option to have access from the home screen.

Nintendo is taking advantage of the 14.0 update for the Switch to change the audio volume setting in Bluetooth. You can now adjust the volume of Bluetooth audio devices using either the console or the volume control buttons on your headphones/headphones. The Bluetooth device must support AVRCP profiles for these changes to work. Also, the maximum volume of some Bluetooth devices has been increased.

To update your Switch, head to Settings > Console > Console Update.

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