Nintendo takes aim at amateur “Pokémon FPS” videos

Expected outcome for the game’s little adventure FPS Pokemon : the video of this gameplay demo, described in the pages of your favorite site only a few days ago, has been removed from Twitter and YouTube sites by order of Nintendo. The project of the amateur developer Dragon_GameDev2, although having made curious, is now persona non grata on social networks, which is hardly a surprise when you know the usual zeal of the Kyoto firm when it comes to protecting its licenses.

Pikachu can rest easy

The small video demo of the game made it possible to see concretely what this disorganized massacre of wild Pokémon looked like. With a mix of standard in-game assets and pre-modeled creatures, the video clip showed several Pokémon taking volleys from any kind of buckshot, from pistols to shotguns. Boss fights were also staged, with all the drama needed.

Its amateur developer had no intention of releasing the project online; but its video excerpt alone will have been enough to attract the attention of the whole web. With over 18,000 retweets—and 100,000 likes—the video certainly got people talking…before it was simply taken off Twitter.”following a report from the copyright holder“.

Same observation on YouTube: a making-off video posted in December 2021 was also deleted for these same reasons, and there is no need to look far to guess the entity behind this series of injunctions. Another video featuring a fight against Lugia and uploaded on January 20 was also removed from Twitter.

At present, gameplay videos are only available on one social network: the discussion site Reddit seems to be managing to stay out of Nintendo’s all-powerful jurisdiction, as reported by the Kotaku site. One thing is certain: Dragon_GameDev2 will have succeeded in its publicity stunt and made its YouTube channel known.

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