Nintendo Wii and DSi Shop Channels have been suspended

The Nintendo Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop Channel appear to be taken offline. For about four days, the two stores have remained closed. Yet, the download database seems to still be active. Users are currently debating whether this closure is temporary or permanent.

Moreover, players were unable to make online purchases on either of the two stores and some players who made digital purchases a little earlier before this unexpected closure were unable to recover them.

Nintendo has been suspended

Since March 16, Nintendo stores have closed without explanation. No notice was issued by the company. Players have reported that online stores display error codes like 290502 and 209601 which point to network issues. Other users have also claimed that when they select the Wii Shop Channel, they get a blank screen. They also found that it is impossible to connect to the store due to network problems. So there is no way to get help with the problem.

A similar issue has already been logged

This is not the first time Nintendo has had to deal with a suspension. Indeed, in 2017 and 2019, the company claimed that its users could no longer make purchases on the DSi and Wii Shop channels. Yet, although this ban was made, Nintendo continued to let players download games available on the two respective stores.

On the other hand, when the company decided to close its store for the first time, it warned its users. Nintendo had sent a press release informing players of the unavailability of their services. She claimed that users cannot transfer or retrieve games from the online store using the system and tools present on the Wii site. Currently, gamers are puzzled by the situation, as the company has not warned of a possible closure. Many wonder if the closure of the two shops is due to maintenance or external factors. Moreover, no additional information has been disclosed on this subject.


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