Nintendo will not be in the race for (big) acquisitions

The president of nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa recently spoke on the issue of studio acquisitions, which has been particularly lively for the past few days. The manager said he was disinterested in this idea, which involved large numbers of people, because it could destabilize the balance of society.

After the earth shook on the side of Microsoft and then Sony, Nintendo appears to be the only major video game player that has not yet communicated on a major takeover. And we may be waiting a very long time before an announcement of this kind, because the Japanese giant has recently expressed its lack of interest in the matter.

As part of the issuance of the company’s latest financial results, the president of Nintendo spoke about the development of his house. And Shuntaro Furukawa should not join his comrades in the race to take out his checkbook and write the most numbers in a row.

Takeovers of studios: Nintendo not interested in integrating groups that do not have “Nintendo DNA”

With Bloomberg, the big boss of Nintendo made it known that it would not be advantageous for the company to integrate a large number of new employees at once. Because potentially, a certain fringe of these forces would not have a state of mind such as that favored within the Japanese firm.

“Our brand has been built on products made with dedication by our employees, and having a large number of people who do not have Nintendo DNA in our group would not be good for the company”.

These remarks do not go against those that Shuntaro Furukawa had made last November, where he said he wanted to “continuing Nintendo’s creative culture” while not excluding acquiring new video game studios. Because here, the scales are smaller. In January 2021, Nintendo acquired the Canadian studio Next Level Games and its approximately 80 employees, 16 years after the first title developed by the company for Nintendo’s exclusive account: Mario Smash Football. Lately, Next Level Games has developed the last two Luigi’s Mansion to date.

Source: Bloomberg (full article for subscribers only)

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