Nissan to invest more than 15 billion in electric vehicles

Nissan is working hard on the electric with a gigantic investment plan of more than fifteen billion euros.

Since last year, manufacturers have been working together to gain a prominent place in the electric vehicle market. This segment is booming today; in Tesla’s wake, historic manufacturers are stepping up initiatives in favor of a switch to all-electric. Today, Nissan is entering the dance with Ambition 2030, a huge colossal investment plan of … $ 17.6 billion, or approximately 15.5 billion euros over five years.

To put this crazy figure into perspective, it’s interesting to note that this figure exceeds the individual GDPs of several dozen countries, including large nations like Mali (2017 figures). This phenomenal envelope will make it possible to design around twenty new models in the next five years.

But Nissan’s plans also go beyond that deadline. This R&D work should result in the marketing of 15 new models of electric vehicles in the next ten years. If this objective is reached, EVs will then represent half of the brand’s catalog by 2030.

A date not trivial, since it corresponds to the deadline of another promise from Nissan: it is from this deadline that the brand wants to completely abandon combustion engines on its new models.

The succession of the second Leaf arrives

In its plan, Nissan also explains that it wants to adopt solid batteries by 2028. A deadline that seems quite ambitious. Because if this technology is indeed very promising, and has seen remarkable advances recently, it still seems relatively far from being mature enough to become the new industry standard.

More than ten years after the release of the Nissan Leaf, which was one of the forerunners at the time, Nissan is therefore moving up a gear in the electric segment. The brand also took the opportunity to present four EV concepts. Among them, we discover the Chill-Out, presented as the spiritual successor of the 2nd generation Leaf.

The roadmap is now clear for the Japanese manufacturer. All that remains is to stay the course, while respecting its commitments made at the start of the year in the fight against global warming. As a reminder, the brand wants to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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