Pas de 4K pour GeForce Now sur les TV Samsung et LG

No 4K for GeForce Now on Samsung and LG TVs

Both LG and Samsung offer or will offer support for GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, on their televisions. Unfortunately for gamers, 4K support is not on the agenda.

No 4K for GeForce Now on Samsung and LG TVs

Phil Eisler, head of cloud gaming at Nvidia, confirmed to The Verge that GeForce Now on Samsung and LG TVs offers games at 1080p, but not 4K. Those who want to play in 4K with the cloud gaming system have only one option so far: go through the Shield TV.

“TVs use many different processors with different levels of performance capable of decoding our streams at 60 frames per second, so we are focusing on 1080p first.”, explains Phil Eisler. “We rolled out this technology with LG in December and with Samsung models in the first half of 2022, and we will increase definitions in the second half of 2022 by continuing to optimize these decoding applications.”, he adds.

Conversely, Google confirmed to The Verge that its Stadia service offers 4K support, both on Samsung and LG televisions. The site notes, however, that Stadia’s 4K is sometimes questionable and explains that sometimes these are 1080p versions which are actually upscaled. This is particularly the case with Destiny 2.

Nvidia believes in any case in cloud gaming. He believes this market will continue to grow and is expected to have 100 million subscribers by 2024.

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