no ads would run during new movies and kids content

Netflix’s new subscription, which will be partly ad-supported, may not show commercials for all the content that will be offered. Netflix may remove ads from newer original movies, as well as some kids’ shows.


According to a new report from Bloomberg, the new subscription with advertisements whose arrival was formalized by Netflix a few months ago could save some content. Indeed, Netflix might not not run ads during the original films when they launch on the VOD platformbut these will be added at a later date instead.

We also know that the subscription with advertisements will offer fewer films and TV series than the others, but we hope that all the original content will be offered on this new cheaper formula. The original movies might not be the only ones avoiding ads.

Children’s programs will not be loaded with commercials

Netflix would also have indicated to its partners that children’s programs would remain ad-free. This report comes shortly after organizations like the American Psychological Association called for tough restrictions on advertising to children. In 2019, Google paid $170 million for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, after the FTC found that YouTube had unlawfully collected data about children without parental consent.

Netflix may therefore have judged that it better not risk a lawsuitand that the arrival of advertisements in children’s content would be a bad idea at a time when the company is already losing a lot of subscribers. As a reminder, the company recently lost 1 million subscribers because of its repeated price increases.

Bloomberg recalls that Netflix is ​​still finalizing plans, so all this could change by the time this new subscription is launched. While waiting for its arrival, we remind you that it will do without one of the most popular features of the service: the possibility of downloading its films and series to watch them offline.

Source: Bloomberg

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