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Netflix is ​​preparing its ad-supported offer. Will all films and series be affected?

Netflix’s ad-supported offering keeps getting talked about. Last week, for example, we learned that holders of this new formula will not be able to take advantage of all the features. In exchange for a discount on the subscription price, users will have to do without downloading. While no specific date has been put forward for the launch, the offer is becoming clearer day by day. It is now the turn of Bloomberg to provide some information.

According to the American media, advertising should not be everywhere. Indeed, Netflix would have planned not to broadcast advertising pages for some of its films. This would relate exclusively to original productions. Films stamped Netflix can thus be viewed without interruption. Not for eternity though. always according to Bloomberg, only recent movies will be affected. However, the media does not yet specify how long they will benefit from this preferential treatment.

Directors worried?

Since the launch of its film division, Netflix can boast of having poached big names in the seventh art. From Martin Scorsese, to David Fincher, the platform has some great collaborations to its credit. Nevertheless, the choice to introduce advertising into its business model could put it in a delicate position.

According Bloomberg, always, this is also the reason that would have pushed the N rouge considered a temporary withdrawal of advertising on some of its footage. Our colleagues indicate: “This decision could help alleviate some concerns filmmakers may have about offering ads that could harm their work.” Remember that this would not be the first time that Netflix has adopted a strategy that does not please the actors of the 7th art. In August 2020, the platform launched a new feature to manage reading speed. Many directors had rebelled on social networks.

Not for children

Another subtlety, some youth programs should not be affected by advertising. Thus, the profiles of our dear little darlings should be less parasitized by commercial advertisements.

Remember that the effects of advertising on children are not insignificant. For the youngest children, it is often very difficult to identify what is sales pitch or fun content. In France, on the public service, the broadcast of advertisements is prohibited fifteen minutes before and after a program intended for children under 12, as well as during the duration of the programme.

For the moment, we do not yet know the exact price of this offer supported by advertising. Netflix has nevertheless announced that it wants to launch it around the world at the beginning of 2023. We can thus expect to see it land in France during the next year. North America should logically be the first territory to benefit from it.

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