No Man’s Sky: Leviathan expansion takes the player through a roguelike time loop

When there are no more, there are still some. HelloGames today releases the millionth expansion for No Man’s Sky (I exaggerate a bit on the number), which bears the high-sounding name of Leviathan. This extension notably offers giant space whales (which was initially a joke has therefore become a reality), but above all introduces a time loop for gameplay roguelike. “Players start an expedition together, and every time they die they lose progress but help the community try to break free from this loop together” specifies the description of the extension.

“The community can work together on a persistent overarching goal that continuously improves the quality and frequency of upgrade rewards found during each loop. » And of course, this time loop has something to do with Leviathan, “a large and imposing space creature shrouded in myth and mystery”. The ultimate reward for this adventure is a living, giant frigate, your space whale to you and you alone!

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