No Man’s Sky: the Sentinel extension reshuffles the cards of the combat system

A major new expansion for No Man’s Sky ? It’s become almost as commonplace as a SpaceX rocket launch. The game from the Hello Games studio, hated by many players at its launch, has become over the expansions an incredible and splendid catch-all where we now find a thousand different influences: from the construction of bases like “Minecraft in space to Captain Blood’s organic vessels to haunted space wrecks inspired by deadspace, the mysterious “Kubrickian” style monoliths, or even the sandworms which recall those of DunesNo Man’s Sky is now a huge game-homage to all of space SF.


The Sentinel extension is the first of this year 2022, and as usual, it’s heavy, with in particular a major overhaul of the combat system against the sentries, these robots responsible for monitoring the planets: “No Man’s Sky is an exploration game, but our universe has always been filled with danger and danger. Sentinels watch over the planets you explore and have long been a part of the game that we wanted to make more interesting, deeper, and more fun, while allowing players to defeat and overcome them in more meaningful ways. » In short, more challenge in short.

Besides the overhaul of the combat system, the Sentinel expansion brings a new giant enemy mecha, better visuals on certain weapons and their effects, new improvements for weapons encore and also the possibility of building its own robot companion (equipped with a fake AI!). What else to add? The Sentinel extension is available for free today. As for No Man’s Sky, the game is present on really all platforms, and a Switch version will even be available this summer.

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