No more hacking, this Mac antivirus at a knockdown price is the ultimate solution (-65%)

Using an antivirus is almost mandatory in 2021. While cyber attacks are always more violent and they target the general public, investing in such cybersecurity software only brings you benefits. The cost can be minimal.

What is the sentimental value of your data? Whether it’s sensitive business documents or your family souvenir photos, this information is at risk if you store it on a computer – or any device connected to the Internet. Every day, millions of cyber attacks are carried out around the world.

We have to adapt to this situation and the demand for antiviruses has never been higher. If you have a Mac, the big reference is Intego. Active since 1997 in the field of cybersecurity, it equips tens of millions of Apple computers around the world. By focusing only on macOS, he has succeeded in developing unprecedented cyber attack monitoring.

For those who want to protect their Mac with an antivirus, Intego is the best. If security is the n ° 1 point when choosing an antivirus, we can also only appreciate its price which drops just before the Christmas holidays. You can get its Total Security pack for € 29.99 instead of € 84.99 for the first year. That’s 65% off a solution that spares you all the dangers.

Discover the Intego pack

What does this Total Security pack contain?

Intego stands out from all publishers in cybersecurity with a much more complete package. For Christmas, however, it is significantly cheaper than if you took an antivirus alone from the competition. In this Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack, we find:

  • Its VirusBarrier X9 antivirus
  • Its Mac Washing Machine cleaner
  • Its cloud back-up system
  • Its parental control tool

To give you an idea of ​​the savings you’ll be making with this bundle, here’s what it is. By default, the benchmark Intego Mac antivirus is priced at € 49.99 per year (at the moment, however, it is listed at € 19.99 per year). Then the Mac cleaner competes with CleanMyMac which is billed € 39.99 per year. Then, the cloud back-up system can quickly cost 10 € per month with the competition.


Annual rate

€ 19.99

Mac Internet Security X9

€ 29.99

Mac Premium Bundle X9

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In short, in the end, you have an Intego bundle that costs € 29.99 per year and which defies all competition for its value for money. True, this only lasts for a year (after which the price goes back to 84.99 €) but at least you can cancel. Intego never blocks you, so you’ll be free to look elsewhere. But when you know that it can identify 100% of malware on Macs, it’s well worth the price every year.

To use this Intego antivirus software for several years now, one thing is certain: it offers an Apple-like user experience. It does not penalize computer speed at all – quite the contrary. With the Washing Machine, you can even speed up your Mac by 30% by removing obsolete, duplicate, and other unnecessary installation files (.dmg).

Then, what we like about a Mac antivirus like Intego is that it’s not anxiety-inducing software as we often see. You will not have unwanted popups that interfere with your screen. The software lets itself be forgotten in the background and it secures all your traffic. If you are on public Wi-Fi, it will use a firewall to block any intrusion attempt by a possible hacker.

In conclusion, we can only advise you to take advantage of the current offer. The complete Intego package has never been so inexpensive. For less than $ 30 a year, you have the right to the ultimate luxury to protect your Macs. We remind you that this antivirus will not be compatible on Windows or on mobile. The publisher has chosen to focus only on macOS to offer a maximum level of protection on this operating system.

Discover the Intego pack

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