No more polluting fuel, you will be surprised to see what this plane uses!

The plane that will not emit greenhouse gases does not yet exist, although billions of dollars and euros are being invested in research, particularly with hydrogen, which is a promising technology. In the meantime, manufacturers are not sitting idly by and, like Airbus, they are experimenting with intermediate solutions.

The European aircraft manufacturer recently flight tested an A380 running on 100% sustainable fuel. The jumbo jet, which usually serves as a guinea pig for Airbus innovations (it’s even the very first model produced by the manufacturer!), flew for three hours on Friday morning.

Sustainable fuel vs kerosene

During this short flight, the plane burned 27 tonnes of “sustainable aviation fuel” (SAF). In this case, it was a mixture developed by Total Energies. Airbus details the composition of this SAF: esters and hydrotreated fatty acids, ” free of aromatics and sulfur “. More prosaically, it is used cooking oil and other greasy waste!

This A380, monster of the air, therefore flew with… the same oil that is used for cooking. An interesting way to recycle this fatty waste, which could well flourish in the engines of future aircraft. This is not the first time that Airbus has experimented with SAF. An A350 tested the solution in March 2021, followed by an A319neo last October. It is also planned that the A380 will take to the air again next Tuesday, this time for a trip between Toulouse and Nice.

While these tests take place in aircraft modified to support 100% SAF, the manufacturer specifies that all of its models are certified to fly on a 50/50 mixture of kerosene and sustainable fuel. Airbus is not done with its desire to achieve the zero emission objective: hydrogen is one of the solutions that has the wind in its sails. Moreover, this A380 will be modified to fly with hydrogen by 2025…

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