no offline viewing on the formula with advertisements

Netflix must launch a new subscription formula by the end of 2022. In exchange for a lower bill, you will have to deal with advertisements. However, you will also have to do without some popular features, such as the ability to download your series / movies to watch them offline.

Netflix Offline Ad Plan
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As you may know, Netflix went through a rough patch earlier this year. Indeed, the number one streaming service lost no less than 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. A first in the history of the platform for 10 years.

Panic quickly spread to Netflix executives, and in order to prevent this exodus from continuing, several ideas were put on the table: broadcasting programs live or even changing the rhythm of broadcasting series by switching from a episode per week only instead of offering the entire season as is currently the case.

Among the other advanced options, the launch of a new cheaper formula with advertisements. Finally, the thing was confirmed by Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix. This subscription will be launched by the end of 2022.

However, seeing his bingewatching sessions interspersed with advertisements will not be the only downside. Indeed, we already know that it will be necessary to deal with a limited catalog of films and series, as confirmed by the boss of the platform.

No offline viewing on Netflix with ads

The icing on the cake, our colleagues from Bloomberg have just announced that it will also be necessary to give up on a feature particularly appreciated by users. According to a reference found in the code of the iOS version of the Netflix application, this new formula with advertisements will not allow users to download their favorite movies/series to watch them offline.

“Downloads are available on all plans except Netflix with ads”. Here is what can be read in the text of the application discovered by the developer Steve Moser. Furthermore, the code implies that users will have no way to skip ads, while it will not be possible to put an advertisement on Pause or to speed up playback.

Finally, and this is Steve Moser’s latest discovery, Netflix may offer personalized advertisements. This piece of text spotted in the iOS app is rather self-explanatory: “Now we will configure your advertising experience. We just need a few details to make sure you receive the most relevant ads on Netflix.” Of course, it should be remembered that this formula with ads will not be launched with months. Fact, nothing is set in stone regarding the features offered.

Source: Bloomberg

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