No one knows who the new health minister is (not even Twitter)

Just appointed Minister of Health and Prevention, François Braun had the bad surprise to discover that a Twitter account had usurped his identity. For a few hours, this fake profile was even certified by the social network.

Here is an error that Twitter would have done without. Just appointed Minister of Health and Prevention, François Braun has been the subject of identity theft on the famous social network. A user has created a fake profile called @fbraungrov and posing as the official account of the “Minister of Health and Prevention”. In order to make this false account credible, the official accounts of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health (@Sante_Gouv) as well as the personal account of the new emergency minister (@fbraun55) were mentioned.

The case could have taken a less serious turn. if the account had not been verified by Twitter. In the morning, we were able to see that this profile had been certified by the social network. A form of recognition usually reserved for certain types of accounts and which attests to the authenticity of the account. Gold, this account was completely unrelated to the new minister Health and Prevention.

Fake Francois Braun account
This fake account, impersonating the new Minister of Health, was certified by Twitter. © Screenshot Twitter / Journal du Geek

Journalist at the medical press agency APMnews, Vincent Granier quickly alerted to the existence of this fake account. On Twitter, he come back on the methods used by “this twitto or twitta to impersonate the minister. In addition to rough assemblies, one can see that the account had not taken care to delete some older messages.

The fake account remained certified for a few hours

Moreover, the journalist obtained Confirmation with the Ministry of Health that this account impersonated the Minister. However, he was able continue to rage for several hours and even get a certification badge after a cleaning operation. Twitter as well as several renowned journalists and official accounts have even subscribed to this account. Eventually, and after approaching the 3,000 subscriber mark, the account lost without certification before being suspended.

While Twitter regularly discusses its fight against misinformation; the social network will have taken several hours before reacting before taking action. The damage could have been even more serious; potentially leaving the field open to the dissemination of fake news from an “official” account.

Francois Braun has now from a real official account, already certified: @FrcsBraun.

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