No sequel in sight for DRIVECLUB or MotorStorm, according to their director

The man behind especially the unplugged DRIVECLUB has announced that he is working on an unreleased track in his new studio. In front of the enthusiasm then received, Paul Rustchynsky denied completely DRIVECLUB, MotorStorm or ONRUSH to which it would be attached.

The announcement of a new game, cynicism and opportunistic developers aside, often comes across as exciting to receptive audiences. Now working at Avalanche Studios Group, Paul Rustchynsky has previously participated in the development of cult titles such as MotorStorm and DRIVECLUB.

On Saturday January 1, our man communicated on his Twitter account about the upcoming announcement of his new title: “In 2021 we (Avalanche Studios Group) opened a new studio in Liverpool, an exciting time for me as I achieved one of my career goals. In 2022, we will announce the game we worked on last year. ”

Paul Rustchynsky (DRIVECLUB) says he’s working on “something very different”

After having obviously noted that much was expected of him, and perhaps even too much, Paul Rustchynsky returned to his comments on Sunday to flesh them out:

“To meet certain expectations, I am not working on a racing game. So sorry, no sequel to DRIVECLUB, MotorStorm successor or ONRUSH derivative. It’s something very different from anything I’ve worked on before. ”

Late last year, Paul Rustcynsky said that in his opinion, Sony would not risk launching the development of a remaster or a sequel to DRIVECLUB for cost reasons. Especially since Sony has limited its priorities.

“Sony has made GT its flagship racing franchise and the cost of a remaster would be a fortune in terms of licensing”.

And if he felt that a MotorStorm resurrection was also unlikely to happen, the director had said he was ready to rework on either of these franchises if the stars were ever far away for such a project. . It is in any case gratifying to continue to see Paul Rustchynsky on new adventures after the disappointments of DRIVECLUB and the lukewarm reception of ONRUSH.

Source: VGC

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