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After a convincing Dreame D9, the Chinese brand powered by Xiaomi returns this summer with the D10 Plus, a refined and improved model, capable of doing almost everything.

The cousin brands of the Chinese giant Xiaomi follow and look alike. After the latest high-end models from Roborock and the recent Mi Vacuum Mo 2 Pro, here is the Dreame D10 Plus. A similar design, for yet another versatile robot, capable of vacuuming, washing and emptying itself thanks to its base with integrated dust collector. Can it really impose itself on an already saturated market? Test.

Discover the Dreame D10 Plus

Design: why change a winning team?

With its white curves and clean design, the Dreame D10 Plus is very beautiful. The robot hardly operates no change from previous generations, and looks almost exactly like the rest of the models available on the Chinese market. However, the result is more than successful: the vacuum cleaner offers perfect finishes, a very beautiful white coating, and a set of textures that oscillates between matte and lacquer. We feel that even for a mid-range, great efforts have been made in terms of aesthetics. The D10 Plus is beautiful, and seems sturdy enough to last over time.

Dreame Bot D10 Plus Indoor
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On the robot itself, we find all the paraphernalia of a classic model. Power button, return to station button, laser range finder on top, rotating brushes, cliff sensors and cogwheels on bottom. The only notable originality is the presence of two holes under the device to evacuate dust. Indeed, unlike conventional models, the 400 mL collection tray automatically empties when the D10 Plus is parked. The dirt is sucked up and ends up directly in the charging base. Note that the product comes with only two bags, enough to last a little over two months with daily cleaning. However, it is possible to get it on Amazon for around twenty euros for six.

Good news for small spaces, the charging base is relatively discreet. At a time when high-end models like the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra want to be more and more imposing, the D10 Plus offers us a reduced format, which can slip everywhere while ensuring the daily evacuation of dust. At this price, we must admit that it is a very good surprise.

Finally, there is a small removable water tank under the robot to wash the floors. With a very limited floor area and barely 150 mL of capacity, the floor washing function definitely does not promise us a miracle, especially since it does not display any particular technology as is the case with certain models. sonic.

Vacuuming and washing: day and night

The Dreame D10 Pro focuses its strengths on vacuuming floors, and it shows. The laser rangefinder located on the top of the device allows efficient and rapid mapping of the spaces to be cleaned, but also better tracking in space. Unlike some less capable devices, the LiDAR technology allows the robot not to get stuck stupidly between chair legs or tirelessly seek its way. The embedded technology of the Dreame D10 Plus is accomplished: despite its bumper, the robot will have had very few opportunities to hit a piece of furniture. On the other hand, it is not powerful enough to locate small objects on the ground. The barriers of less than 10cm height systematically pass under his radar.

With her power of 4000 Pa, the suction itself is as efficient as it is noisy. After having drawn the contours of the area to be cleaned, the robot will then crisscross the area by multiplying the comings and goings. On a daily basis, the Dreame D10 Plus overcomes dust without too many problems. Its side rotating brush sometimes tends to scatter residue, but the robot remains a very good student, like its predecessor. On this point, it is even a pity that the brand did not evolve its model a little more.

On the other hand, its evacuation base is a real advantage in everyday life. Once its cleaning cycle is complete, the Dreame D10 Plus will empty its 400 mL tank. The operation lasts only a few seconds but makes it possible to largely space the manual emptyings. In addition to the hygienic aspect, it is also a real time saver.

On the other hand, on the floor washing side, it is the cold shower. With just 150 mL of capacity, and even increasing the water flow to the maximum, you can barely clean one or two rooms depending on their size. Without special technology or Y-cleaning, the Dreame D10 Plus will simply freshen up the room, don’t expect to overcome a stubborn task. For less than 500€, we had to make concessions.

Application, the strength of Xiaomi

As always for products in the Xiaomi ecosystem, everything happens through the Mi Home app. The regulars will not be out of place, we find a clear and uncluttered interface. The first mapping is very fast thanks to the LiDAR radar. It is then possible to set the suction level and water flow, modify the virtual map and choose which rooms to clean. As always with Xiaomi galaxy products, the device is very easy to pair with a smartphone.

Obviously, the application allows total remote control, with the possibility of locating the robot, managing the parameters or even checking the level of consumables. It is also possible to control the robot using voice assistants from Google or Amazon, even if in practice, the functionality turns out to be frankly anecdotal.

On a daily basis: the good student

As you’d expect at under $500, the Dreame D10 Plus’ radar is very good at detecting walls, but much less so when it comes to small obstacles. The vacuum cleaner does not go into detail, so avoid leaving clothes, cables, and more generally all obstacles less than 10 cm high. The robot will sometimes clumsily try to avoid them, mostly without success. Despite this defect, the Dreame D10 Plus is surprisingly stealthy: it manages to sneak in everywhere, including under furniture. Where many models with a base require a lot of space to maneuver their return to the base, it is once again very discreet.

Dreame Bot D10 Plus bottom
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On the side of its autonomy too, the Dreame D10 Plus plays the good students. Fully loaded, he can to cross the floors for a little more than 2h30, i.e. an area of ​​around 200 m². In the event of a breakdown, it will refuel on its base before resuming cleaning. On this point, the 5200 mAh battery has never disappointed us, even during intensive cleaning sessions.

Price and availability

Offered at €499, the Dreame D10 Plus is a very good vacuum cleaner offered at the price of a mid-range. If its washing function turns out to be a little disappointing, the suction mode keeps its promises. Its extraction base, on the other hand, gives it a real technical advantage. At this price, we would still have preferred to have some additional accessories.

Discover the Dreame D10 Plus

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