Nothing ear (1) cost 99 euros, but it is possible to pay them in crypto

Wireless headphones that can be purchased in cryptocurrency. This is what the future looks like.

Wireless headphones have become a huge part of our lives in just a few short years. With the arrival of Apple’s AirPods, this market has flooded the general public, and today almost everyone has wireless headphones. With their democratization, these little bits of technology have diversified. There are all shapes, all colors, but especially all prices. If Apple remains above 200 euros for its products, other brands do not hesitate to cut prices to meet new customers.

Without falling into the low-end product, the Nothing brand is trying to find a place in this overloaded market by offering ear (1), headphones with high-end functionality, without soaring in price. Presented last year at € 99, ​​they were initially presented in a very simple color, white. But finally, and after a year of development, the engineers of the young brand decided to opt for black and the presentation of this new color looks more like a presentation of a new product in its own right.

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Carbon neutral headphones that accept bitcoin

If the products had already made a remarkable arrival in the world of wireless headphones with active noise reduction, something rare at this price, Nothing redoubles its ingenuity to offer something new with this color. Indeed, the brand ensures that its headphones are now carbon neutral. This means that the brand is making efforts to capture as many greenhouse gases, especially CO2, as it emits during the production of the headphones.

With this new ecological announcement, the brand is getting a nice publicity stunt as the new headphones should be available for sale on the brand’s official website in mid-December. In addition to these virtual sales, it will be possible for people interested in these headphones to offer them with cryptocurrency during several “physical” sales. Nothing ensures that Bitcoin, Ethereum, but also USD Coin and Dogecoin will be supported.

These will be organized around the world and the French public will be able to find the brand’s ambassadors in Paris in two concept stores, on December 8, at Kith, as well as on the Legacy site, at the Hotel Barrière.

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