Nothing escapes the NFT madness (and fans are wondering)

Nothing has just yielded to the call of the NFTs. What for ?

Launched in 2021, Nothing acted like a UFO on the tech market. It must be said that the Chinese brand was signed Carl Pei. After having co-founded OnePlus, the entrepreneur had announced his desire to take off, even though his company had established itself for several years as an international reference. A desire for a challenge that goes hand in hand with a sense of precise storytelling: for several months, Nothing presented itself as a brand apart, focused on the essentials. To the point of only presenting its first Ear product (1) in July 2021.

This year, the brand did it again, formalizing its very first Nothing Phone (1). Carl Pei did not stop there, however. Against all odds, the firm Nothing has also yielded to the call of the NFTs. Non-fungible tokens have been popular for more than a year already, and despite declining popularity, they still seem to be of interest to certain brands. Here, it is a minimalist digital work, soberly baptized Black Dot.

The project represents — as its name suggests — a black dot, which moves in a transparent cube, while producing a metallic sound when it hits one of the walls of its container. Launched today, the NFTs should quickly find takers, even if it is not yet known which blockchain will be used to carry out the transactions.

Nothing does just like everyone else

If the hype surrounding Nothing at the time of its launch contributed to the success of the brand’s physical products, this dive into NFTs questions. On social networks in particular, many criticize the company for having moved away from its original mantra. It must be admitted that by betting on non-fungible tokens, Nothing is more minimal. For its part, Carl Pei’s company justifies its project by putting forward the idea of ​​an authenticated community rather than a simple marketing stunt.

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