Notice to Harry Potter fans, pay close attention to Bertie Crochue’s dragees

Be careful where you buy your small magic confections because these can be unfit for consumption.

The Harry Potter saga is full of culinary dishes of all kinds that fans dream of cooking or tasting. Pumpkin pata, butterbeer, chocolate frogs or even molasses pie, so many little pleasures straight out of the imagination of JK Rowling that are now easy to get online or in specialized stores. And how not to mention Bertie Crochue’s surprise candies.

These little sweets are certainly the star product of the whole saga, having become famous thanks to the famous booger taste that we could not wish for. There is a muggle-accessible version that is still snapped up today. Unfortunately these little sweets are at the heart of a scandal and are perhaps dangerous for your health. Indeed, the version sold by the brand Jelly Belly has just come up against European legislation regulating certain harmful additives.

This is the case of the dye E171, a cryptic name which simply means that the product contains titanium dioxide. Since this summer, Europe therefore prohibits the marketing of any food containing this additive present in the form of nanoparticles. If France had already taken the plunge a few years ago, it is now our continent’s turn to follow suit and make this unanimous decision.

Booger taste is the least of your worries

But the Jelly Belly brand, to protect itself from missing out on an important market, has thought of everything. Since this announcement, it seems that the firm has discreetly changed its recipe specifically for the European region. The dragees that you will find on its site are therefore suitable for consumption. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remain very vigilant.

Candies that you find on foreign resale sites may still sell you a version that contains E171, especially products imported from the United States or other regions of the world. Also pay attention to the composition of your box if you have had one for a while at home, and you were waiting for the right moment to “taste” them. Finally, some resellers, wishing to sell their stock, can offer you the old versions for sale, under the guise of being purely decorative products. Do not take the warnings lightly and do not attempt to consume them.

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