Nuclear fusion: an American startup is working on mini-reactors

Nuclear fusion is not yet mastered and already startups imagine the aftermath. And the next blow for American society Zap Energy, is to design mini-reactors using innovative techniques. The fusion of isotopes would be obtained here without the use of huge magnetic coils that can be found in tomawaks. The Zap energy mini-reactor would use the magnetic field generated by the plasma, a process called Z-pinch and which is in fact well known… for more than half a century!


3D model of the fusion technology imagined by Zap Energy

If the Z-pinch was not favored by the creators of tomawaks, it is also and above all because this process is considered to be particularly unstable (the plasma tends in this configuration to collapse on itself). Yes, but now, a publication by a group of scientists from the University of Washington seems to indicate that this instability is not inevitable. And as if on purpose, one of the researchers behind this work is none other than Uri Shumlak, the founder of Zap Energy!

For now, fusion without magnetic coils would be possible… in simulation. The modeling of the FuZE-Q reactor seems to be satisfactory, but this is only a preliminary step. The startup has just raised more than 100 million dollars which will be used to finance a real prototype reactor, which will, perhaps, validate the results of the simulation. Eventually, Zap Energy is already imagining mini-reactors that could fit in a garage, but before that, we will have to go from theory to practice…

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