numbers in 06 and 07 only for individuals

To fight against canvassing, scams and scams of all kinds received on smartphones, Arcep has decided to strike a blow on the table. Vending machines and platforms will no longer be able to use phone numbers starting with 06 or 07.

Scam attempt or real call? It will soon be easier to have a flea in your ear when you receive a call or an SMS. Arcep, the telecommunications regulator, unveiled a new numbering plan following a public consultation held between last December and February.

Fight against abusive canvassing

In order to reduce the nuisance to which users are subjected during unsolicited calls or messages, Arcep has therefore decided to implement several enhanced protection measures. Except in specific cases, the Authority will prohibit mobile numbers from being used as caller IDs by automated machines. A series of geographic and general-purpose numbers will however remain possible to use, provided that the operators verify and guarantee that their display has indeed been authorized by the end user.

In other words, the platforms will no longer be able to use telephone numbers beginning with 06 and 07. These numbers will be reserved “ exclusively to interpersonal communications services “. To put it more simply, only individuals will therefore be able to have numbers that begin with these codes “ permanently attached to a user in the minds of all “, adds Arcep.

As for companies, they will have to switch their number to other categories of numbers, following the example of the new category 09, reserved for players interested in the possibility of implementing innovative communication solutions between a mobile subscriber and a ” technical platform “. It can be a meal delivery company for example, a VTC driver, or more broadly to establish conversations by messages between a brand and its customer.

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